1. nodle

    Top 10 Best Graphics/Technology of 2017

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcxs5qbB8XsHonorary Mentions: CoD WW II Forza Motorsport 7 Ex Machina Hellblade The Last Day of June The Evil Within 2 Claybook Nioh 10. Injustice 2 9. Gran Tourismo Sport 8. Zelda Breath of the Wild 7. Cuphead 6. Resident Evil 7 5. Uncharted Lost...
  2. nodle

    2017 - The year of in-home spying

    Has anyone else noticed the trend this year with Amazon, Google, and other companies producing in-home listening devices? They are everywhere this year. You are basically paying for a product to place in your home to have it listen to every word that you say. People are paying with their own...
  3. nodle

    Black Friday 2017

    Anyone planning on picking up any Black Friday deals? It seems like the hot item this year is 4k TVs, they are everywhere.
  4. nodle

    Shrekfest 2017

    The only place @C Pav feels truly at home.
  5. nodle

    E3 2017 convention

    Who's body is ready for what?