3d printing

  1. nodle

    3D and resin based printers

    I know we have discussed them in the past, but never really had a topic on them. I see they have come down tons in price and even the cheaper ones seems to be decent such as: Flashforge 3D I have been running into a few pieces for my telescope that no one seems to make and I could easily print...
  2. ryanator

    Shapeways.com - 3D printing service

    Shapeways So I was wanting to make a custom adapter for a folding rifle stock, and there was nothing out there currently. I I said, hey I can do 3D model design in sketchup tried to get pricing from machine shops, but was very expensive, $700+ for a one time run (bulk would be much better)...
  3. nodle

    Amazon now doing 3D printing

    Amazon has opened a new 3D printing store that allows you to personalize a range of 3D printed products like toys, jewelry and more. Link
  4. ryanator

    3D printing? That's yesterday, how about 4D.

  5. nodle

    3D printable guns

    So been kinda keeping my eye on this stuff for the last year or so and wonder what your take is? Personally I see nothing wrong with it. In fact I think it's kinda neat and hope it catches on more. Information should never be censored. It's worth watching the whole video.