1. nodle

    Fire TV Stick 4K Max streaming device, Wi-Fi 6

    Decent deal for what you are getting. $39.99 https://www.amazon.com/fire-tv-stick-4k-max-with-alexa-voice-remote/dp/B08MQZXN1X?tag=toysb-20
  2. nodle

    Has 4K not really caught on?

    You know I use to love the whole 3D phase. I know it just kinda died out. But the same seems to be with 4K. I mean it seems like it's not really accepted at all. Shoot we have a 4K tv and I don't think I have ever watched anything 4K on it. The stores sell very few 4K movies or shows. It reminds...
  3. nodle

    4k monitor or 4k tv

    So I have a question. Is it better to buy a 4k computer monitor, or buy a 4k tv and use it for your computer monitor? Can you still do that these days? Would it be better to use a computer monitor for your monitor or can you use a tv as a monitor is I guess what I am trying to ask?
  4. nodle

    Ultra HD (4K) Blu-ray specification completed

    http://www.businesswire.com/news/hom...u-ray%E2%84%A2 Originally Posted by BusinessWire In addition to delivering content in up-to 3840x2160 resolution, the Ultra HD Blu-ray format enables delivery of a significantly expanded color range and allows for the delivery of high dynamic range (HDR)...
  5. nodle

    UFO caught in 4k with drone

    The film clip, which can be seen below in the YouTube clip, is just 4 seconds long but what it shows is very interesting; an apparent UFO buzzing across the sky over an unnamed suburban area in what looks like the Western U.S. The clip was uploaded by YouTube user 1darmino, with no other...
  6. nodle

    Curved tvs, 4k etc.

    So I finally saw my first 4k tv this weekend at Best Buy. Was it amazing? Not really. Was is sharper? Yes. But I really liked the new curved tvs that they have out now. That was neat.
  7. nodle

    4k video is it the next big thing?

    Do you think this will be the next big thing? I know it's starting to ramp up. I can't imagine anything sharper than 1080p. I know HD was a step up from SD, but come on. How more clear can it get?
  8. nodle

    Timescapes 4k movie

    https://player.vimeo.com/video/42785517 />http://timescapes.org/default.aspx