1. nodle

    Fallout 4 Xbox achievements not working

    I thought I would make a thread on this, hopefully it will help someone out. In the Xbox thread I was complaining about my Fallout 4 achievements not working. Well, I think I found the cause. If you're using an adblocker program, in my case NextDNS, this is what was blocking the achievements...
  2. jthock

    Xbox Achievements won't sync

    I was getting a crappy connection on DSL, which I am going to remedy by moving the router to a more accessible area, but while it wasn't working I hooked up the Xbox to my mobile hotspot. It connected fine but since then not a single achievement on XB1 will pop. I stopped using the hotspot and...
  3. nodle

    New Xbox achievements

    Ok I thought of this last night. I think it's kinda cool how the PS3 display a picture associated with their trophies that you wine. Even though the xbox achievements are way better. Anyways I would like to see when the xbox achievement pops up that it displays the photo associate with it. You...
  4. nodle

    Where are my achievements!

    So I have been playing Blue Dragon on the xbox360 for about almost 3 weeks now, maybe longer. I have barely gotten any achievements in it. Even doing side quests etc. So I finally beat the game last night. I thought ok at least I will get one for beating the game. NOPE NOTHING! I wanted to toss...