1. nodle

    Streaming television subscription services

    So, I just got a notification when I was home for lunch that my Netflix service will be changing from a 1 user with no ads to a 2 user with ads. They promoted this like this was a huge upgrade for me. No, it's a downgrade. I don't want to be seeing ads. Wasn't this the whole reason people left...
  2. nodle

    YouTube ads lately

    Does it seem like you can't watch any YouTube videos these days without being bombarded by Ads left and right? I mean they are 4-5 seconds ads but they are everywhere. Skip forward in the video, BAM! enjoy another 5 second Ad. Whoops I skipped to far move it back a hair, nope BAM! another Ad. I...
  3. nodle

    Funny Black Friday ads

    These are great!
  4. nodle

    Old vintage ads
  5. nodle

    Provocative Russia Today ads rejected at US airports
  6. nodle

    Old computer ads
  7. WayneKerr

    I hate ads

    I have the grease monkey extension for FF running with a script that blocks some adds.  I found a site that lets you opt out of some adds by download an "opt-out" cookie to your PC.  I doubt its going to totally eliminate ads from my...
  8. nodle

    Mac tv ads

    I like these ones better...