1. nodle

    Average American Adventures

    I would like to see a comic strip serious about a average American man and his life of going to work and life in general. It wouldn't contain comedy but just the honest look into his daily life and everything he has to put up with. He would always been in a drab grey suit and tie. Have glasses...
  2. nodle

    Fenn treasure

    So apparently this old man buried this treasure worth about 2 million dollars and people have been going crazy looking for it.
  3. nodle

    No adventure left in this world

    I sometime watch shows on TV portraying adventurers back in the old days. Finding new lands, traveling all over the place. It upsets me that there in no adventure left in this world. No new places to explorer. Every spot has been mapped and then re-mapped. What an exciting time it must had been...
  4. nodle

    Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom

    What game does this remind you off? Plus where is my dam ps4 version! :mad:
  5. WayneKerr

    Double Fine Adventure

    Have you seen this yet? Double Fine is cutting out the publisher by going to the gamer via kickstarter. I seem to have problems posting the video, so just follow the link. There is a silly video with Tim Schafer from double fine explain their idea. Basically, the will...
  6. nodle

    Adventure game program creator

    Corey hint,hint...
  7. nodle

    Old adventure movies

    Does anyone else like movies like this? I remember growing up watching films like this i thought they were so cool.