1. nodle

    Woman spots shape shifter on plane?

    So I have been following this story since yesterday morning. When it first came out people thought the lady was just drunk. Now people are believing she really did see something. A second video came out where another guy on the plane said the guy in the hoodie turned and winked sideways at him...
  2. nodle

    Streaming Black Box

    With all the modern day technology, and with the latest Iran Black Box problem, why not make the Black Boxes stream data to an offsite backup? I mean cellular or satellite technology is there for this why not take advantage of it? I'm sure most of it is technical data, it's not like they are...
  3. ryanator

    Ban of larger device electronics on airlines

    I wonder with the recent ban of larger devices on airplanes from some Mideast and Africa countries, if this will be the beginning of whole bans all over?  Not only is the U.S. doing it, but looks like the UK will enact this as well.  This affects carry on items, but can still check them in on...
  4. nodle

    Virgin Atlantic Plane Overtaken By a UFO Source
  5. nodle

    Triangled shaped craft

    Real or fake? New type of drone or plane?
  6. nodle

    UFO Caught From Airplane

    What do you think?
  7. nodle

    Turning On Car GPS While in an Airplane

  8. nodle

    Brazilian Marshal hits airplane wing to stop mugglers

  9. nodle

    Airplane truck drop
  10. nodle

    C-17 RC Model Airplane
  11. nodle

    How to hide an airplane factory

    These photos are awesome!