1. nodle

    Musical Instruments

    Does anyone play any musical instruments here? I got my old electric guitar out of storage, and I ended up selling my amp, but think I may pick up another one. I have a really nice guitar I bought years ago, but want to get it out again.
  2. D

    Rasberry Pi - Tube Amp

    Tube Rolling – The 503HTA supports both 12AU7( ECC82) or 6922/6DJ8 (ECC88) type tubes. Individual Anode Bias Adjustments plus selectable Series/Parallel Heater Drive insure the perfect setup for virtually any tube!  See our friends at for some alternate options! I would try...
  3. D

    Vintage Car Amp

    Proton - D275 (Formerly partnered with NAD) Specs 75watts per/ch 300 watts per/ch DPD 6 DB dynamic Headroom (Production date 1989). Used very little. Not pushed hard and/or overheated. Very unique mid-bass production aka rich/full sound. 100.00 obo
  4. D

    Finding that tube amp.

    I think these check out nicely for a modest price.
  5. D

    Sonic Impact T-Amp - integrated amplifier-True Giant-Killer

    $30.00 my friends. Sounds somewhere between a tube amp and a transister one.
  6. D

    Best Tube AMP?

    For amps under 5000.00 I like Jolida and Macintosh according to reviews and specifications.