1. nodle

    Sheep walking in circles. What does it mean?

    I have been seeing this more and more on the news in the last couple of days.
  2. nodle

    Service animals

    Ok before we get going let's start this off with, I personally think service animals are great. They have been proven to help the needs of people that need them. I know vets use them a lot along with others and I think it also provides a much needed loving home for the animals as well. So it's a...
  3. D

    Pre-Flood Critters

    Big bones have been found along with elongated skulls.
  4. nodle

    Farm Animals Get 80 Percent of Antibiotics Sold in U.S.

    Pretty nasty... />
  5. nodle

    Dead animals lately around the globe

    Read more:
  6. nodle

    Animals sensing earthquakes

    I have always heard animals always being able to sense earthquakes. Here is a good video to prove the point.
  7. nodle

    Viva Pinata: Party Animals with Wireless Controller
  8. nodle

    Would you have any problem eating cloned animals?

    The fda is supposed to ok cloning animals for food and milk next week...would you have any sort of moral or scientific dilemma about consuming clones? Hormones in beef are already supposed to be responsible for the ever descending age kids reach puberty these days...what unforeseen thing might...
  9. nodle

    Smart Animals

    Small video, the bird one was genius.
  10. nodle

    Animals can dance?

    This video made me laugh  lol