1. nodle

    Norton Security Deluxe 2019

    Killer price right now, 5 computers, and 15 month exclusive. It's been in my cart for awhile, I bet it don't last at this price. I think it's normally about $40 on Amazon. Amazon link $14.99
  2. nodle

    Your pick for antivirus software?

    So it's the beginning of a new year, what is the Antivirus that everyone recommend these days? I would like to hear what members are using at work or home. Home: Built in Windows 10 AV with Malwarebytes. Work: Nortons
  3. nodle

    Kaspersky AV or Russian backdoor?

    So I had been meaning to make a thread on this weeks ago when I first heard about it. I saw it first come out on a report telling any Government agency not to use Kaspersky. I thought "Hmmmm that is strange"? Then it hit the news about it maybe containing Russian back doors and malicious tools...
  4. nodle

    Antivirus software for $4.99

    Someone are already out of stock, but I did grab a couple of Kaspersky to play with for the price. Newegg Link
  5. nodle

    Vipre antivirus

    Just wondering if anyone had any experience with this antivirus? I know I have heard some people talking about it from time to time. So far their emergency virus scan has worked fairly well. I added it to my list even Here. So was just wondering if anyone had any experience with it? Or knew...
  6. nodle

    RISING Antivirus

    Looks like it's free.
  7. nodle

    The Best Windows Antivirus - 2008 Editions
  8. nodle

    Vista antivirus

    For those that run Vista that visit the board, i was just wondering what antivirus is your choice? Please post what you run.
  9. nodle

    Antivirus of choice?

    I was just wondering what antivirus of choice does everyone use here? I've tried about everyone, but for me Norton corp. seems the simplest and seems to take the least amount of resources. What do you prefer?