1. D

    Sunspot AR2665 ejects massive flare

    We got lucky?
  2. nodle

    Springfield Armory - Saint

    So as a few of you know I have been looking for an AR. Had my sights set on the Ruger-556. Well I went in to look at them and saw this beauty.  When I held it I love the balance it had in the center. It wasn't quite the color I wanted being all black. The Ruger I was looking at was a flat dark...
  3. nodle

    Ruger AR-556

    Anyone been around these? I looked at one over the weekend at a good price. They seem like a pretty basic AR. I wouldn't mind getting one. Reviews aren't to bad on them.
  4. nodle

    ATF pushes bullet ban - AR15 green tip

    Well I have said it before, they know they can't take away our guns so they will go after the ammo next. Maybe we will be able to keep our BB ammo or cap gun ammo* Source*maybe...
  5. nodle

    Henry U.S. Survival AR-7

    What a sweet Idea. Talk about portability!
  6. W

    AR-15 setup for NRA competition