1. nodle

    Project center - US Army astral projection and hypnosis research

    Interesting read. Especially since it's directly off their own website. To think this was in the 80's so makes you wonder how far they researched it?
  2. nodle

    U.S. Army using giant blimp to survey American's movements

    Sometimes I wonder if I am living in the game of Half Life 2 video game.
  3. nodle

    Nazi Zombie army

    I picked this up the other day and gifted @@C Pav a copy the other day. We both were like this will probably suck. But this has actually turned out to be a very decent game. It has single player and and 4 player coop. It's basically Left for dead, but more mature. Well maybe just a different...
  4. nodle

    Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators

  5. nodle

    Army Rangers hand-to-hand tournament

    Let some of the UFC guys go up against them?
  6. nodle

    Nazi Scientists tried to create an Army of Talking Dogs
  7. nodle

    Police and army officers saw a UFO explode over Utah

  8. nodle

    Army's new spy drone is disguised as a hummingbird
  9. nodle

    Utah Army base locked to solve 'serious concern'
  10. nodle

    Army simulates large-scale economic breakdown
  11. nodle

    Taiwanese professional army recruitment

    ndboarder is going to love this!
  12. D

    Army Dispatched in Response to End the Fed Protests
  13. nodle

    Did Army troops patrol the streets of Samson, Alabama?

    Read more here: More
  14. nodle

    Army of Two

    Anyone play this? Thoughts? JJL? Me and Corey was thinking about getting this for coop
  15. nodle

    Maunsell Army Sea Forts

    Cool place!
  16. nodle

    Russia trying to raise a army like China?

    This got me thinking, i read something about two weeks ago related to something close to this. Except now they are giving away cash and prizes. Russians get day off to procreate, then win prizes. Moscow - A Russian region of Ulyanovsk has found a novel way to fight the nation's birth-rate...
  17. nodle

    Ultimate swiss army knife

    Anyone care to get one for me? :-D LINK