1. nodle

    AI generated artwork

    What is the latest trend with all of this AI generated art lately? While it is beautiful, the computer is the actual artist. I keep seeing it more and more. But will this make true artists lazy and no longer do art? Are we witnessing the last era or artistry?
  2. nodle

    NFT Trading Cards

    Here is a million-dollar idea right now. NFT trading cards. Think about it, you know how hot the NFT art is so hot right now, why not put it into a trading card format and embed the have the blockchain in a QR code in a holograph on the back? It would be combining two hot trends right now. Is...
  3. nodle

    World of Warcraft artwork

    I thought I would make a thread for members to post World of Warcraft artwork that they come across. I see a lot of great WoW photos out there.
  4. nodle

    Artwork with meaning

    Some really cool photos here. More pages at the bottom.
  5. nodle

    Shadow of the Colossus artwork

    This could be in the video games forum, but I decided to move it here. Just because of the beautiful artwork. This is still on my list and my favorite video game of all time.
  6. nodle

    Pierre Matter artwork

    I like his stuff... LINK
  7. nodle

    Nice artwork

    I like this guy's artwork. Some people have alot of talent.