1. ryanator

    AI future has begun - OpenAI and others.

    By now, most of you may have heard of OpenAI or one of its products like ChatGPT. With concepts of artificial intelligence being around for decades, OpenAI was started some years ago by several cofounders including Elon Musk (who is no longer on the board, but still a funder). It has hit in...
  2. ndboarder

    Home Automation

    Anyone played with automation technologies at all? I added a few z-wave devices in my house over the past couple weekends along with a controller. I can now control a few lights/outlets and lock/unlock my door from the web or a couple apps on my phone. Wondered if any others have played with...
  3. WayneKerr

    Wired home automation

    Check this out. This guy has sensors wired to his every point in his house.  Maybe a little obsessive...  He has a counter hooked up to all his doors and windows as well as his fridge and freezer.  He is monitoring the humidity and temp, how many times the toilets flush...