1. O-Tron

    Trump Being Awesome I thought this was so awesome that I needed to make a thread about it.  I'd like to note that I'm still not so sure how I feel about Trump, but I do love a guy who will put the pressure on the media that needs to be there. I'm tired of the media...
  2. nodle

    How awesome would this be to find?

    Man watching stuff like this brings out the adventurer in me. Still amazing all the treasure out there to be found.
  3. nodle

    Just saw an awesome vehicle

    So I pull up at work in the parking lot across the street. I am getting my stuff ready to get out and I see this vehicle coming down the road. It looks like a UPS truck someone bought, but it was painted flat olive drab green. And I notice writing on the side, as it gets closer its the entire...
  4. nodle

    GT-R plus snow = awesome

    Road trip @ccs729 ?
  5. nodle

    Awesome grill aprons
  6. nodle

    Terry Crews is awesome

    That is all.
  7. nodle

    Jay Leno is awesome in MMA
  8. nodle

    Awesome Lego video

  9. nodle

    Awesome Cadillac shorts
  10. nodle

    Awesome scream!

  11. nodle

    Sean Connery is awesome!

  12. nodle

    Sometimes comics are awesome

    I talked to O-tron since he is a comic guru. He told me that this from the green lantern world it's a cat with a red ring. For rage.
  13. nodle

    Awesome case mod!
  14. nodle

    Awesome basement bar
  15. nodle

    Awesome helmet design
  16. nodle

    Awesome kill!

  17. nodle

    Some awesome takedowns

    I love the taffy stretcher looking one.
  18. nodle

    Awesome gun case
  19. nodle

    Japan is so awesome!

    Robot sells ice cream in Japan.