1. nodle

    Slides backup & restoration

    I think I am going to purchase the Epson Perfection v600 scanner. I have a lot of slides that my parents took of us growing up (apparently slides were the thing back in the day). But I want to start to get them scanned in before something happens to them and we lose them forever. It has some...
  2. nodle

    Veeam Endpoint Backup

    Ran across this program after people were talking about Acronis 2018. It basically looks like it does the same thing as Acronis does, but is free. Source
  3. nodle

    Making backups of your dvd/blue-ray collections

    So I think I posted in a thread about trying to get my dvds/blue-rays backed up on stored on my Drobo then hopefully pushed out through Plex. So I thought I would keep track of my journey and see what works and what doesn't. I first started with getting a blue-ray/dvd reader. I just ordered one...
  4. nodle

    Backing up DVD or Blu-ray collection

    Has anyone ever got into backing up their movie collection to digital? I have been thinking about it since my Drobo supports Plex. Plex seems like the choice for streaming. I have quite a few movies and sometimes I feel like watching them but I am to lazy to go and pop in a disk. I have been...
  5. nodle

    Automated Backup Software

    So all this week I have been testing different automated backup software solutions. I have tried these so far: Memeo       NTI backup 5.5       AOMEI Backupper       Karen's replicator       Second Copy       After playing with them all. I think I found Second Copy To fit my needs...
  6. nodle

    M-disk 1,000 year backup

    Never really heard about this but it is kinda interesting. Media Burner
  7. nodle

    Your backup solution

    So was wondering what everyone uses for their backup solution? I go a little overboard, but I have experienced data loss before. So just wondering if people use a local setup or an online solution etc. My current setup is a backup to a Windows Home Server. This has redundancy in case of a drive...
  8. nodle

    Bvckup - backup software
  9. nodle

    Backblaze backup software

    I kinda forgot to make a post about this. Awhile back I was researching offsite backups for myself. I had them narrowed down to 3. Mozy, Carbonite, and Backblaze. I read tons of reviews and personal experiences for them. After a couple of weeks I thought to myself if I ever did use one it would...
  10. nodle

    Mozy backup software

    What do you think about this company? How can they afford unlimited backup solutions?
  11. nodle

    Drobo backup device

    I have seen these out for awhile now, but after watching the demo, I want one. They have a neat product on their hands. Just wish the price tag was lower...
  12. nodle

    Backup solutions

    What's everyones way of backing up their important data? I have an identical drive that I make a backup on, then I make a backup of my backup on an external harddrive. Am I paranoid? Maybe, but after working in the computer field, I have seen how easy you can lose your data. :smt024