1. nodle

    The Batman

    Good taste in trailer music.
  2. nodle

    Batman Ninja
  3. O-Tron

    Batman v. Superman leaked trailer

    Has anyone seen this this morning? I think it looks just simply bad. Superman is supposed to be a bright, shining example, not a fascist. I don't want to be cheering for Lex Luthor. DC is supposed to be the bright universe. Marvel is the one with the dark corners. I want to kick a baby elephant...
  4. nodle

    The new Batman

    So ummm ya this is apparently the new batman. Source
  5. nodle

    The REAL Batman

    Look at this guy, what a pimp! The REAL Batman Adam West.
  6. nodle

    Batman Beatdown

  7. nodle

    I am Batman

  8. nodle

    A dog that yells ‘Batman’!
  9. nodle

    I am Batman!

  10. ndboarder

    Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Has anyone played this game?  I saw the collectors edition of it in stores and tried out the demo.  Seems like it might be alright.  Demo was pretty short though so I'm not certain about it at this point
  11. nodle

    Batman hoodie
  12. nodle

    Holy giant legs batman!
  13. nodle

    Batman: The Dark Knight Photos