1. nodle

    Let's talk beards

    Ok thanks to @jmanz let's talk beards. Were going the opposite of @C Pav and his 24k gold plated razors. What do you use to take care of your beards? @jmanz recommend this. I have grown beard off and on, but I never knew they made a product to make it not it...
  2. C Pav

    Woman Draws Beard On Her Face, Robs Gas Station
  3. nodle

    365 days of beard

  4. nodle

    See my beard Ain't it weird?

  5. nodle

    1 year beard

  6. nodle

    10 reasons you should grow a beard
  7. C Pav

    Shave the beard!

    Eldon's beard not mine since I don't have one. That is all!
  8. nodle

    My beard experience

    Drinking milk is fun, it runs through your mustache like a waterfall. When it is first growing it is real itchy and it was tough to sleep at night. But now that it is longer it's ok. I also notice i get tooth paste stuck in the goatee part. That is all...
  9. nodle

    Beard flux

    Who is growing one? Jmanz you with me?
  10. nodle

    World beard championships

    Wish i could join  :smt009
  11. nodle

    Growing a beard

    I wanna grow a beard this winter, but i want to grow a beard like technoviking, should i?