1. ryanator

    Mattresses and pillows

    So mattresses, which one do you have and why? I was due for a new one and like usual, did a lot of research before buying one. I looked around locally, but things were the same, high markups, and have to do the negotiation game like buying a vehicle. Online bed in the box companies, which is...
  2. jmanz

    Bed Intruder Internet Star Gets Arrested

    (CNN) -- Antoine "Bed Intruder" Dodson, the man whose TV news rant against a would-be rapist became a viral music video and his ticket to celebrity, was arrested for marijuana possession, according to Alabama authorities. Judging by his tweets, Dodson, 24, isn't all that upset about it. "Let...
  3. nodle

    Cat likes being tossed on bed

  4. nodle

    Woman goes to bed with migraine and wakes with French accent

    I think I can explain these. I believe that within every human we all have a universal language. I believe it is tucked away in part of your brain, or locked. I have heard many cases like these usually related to head trauma where the person wakes up speaking another language. I think after the...
  5. nodle

    Bed intruder remix

    I am sure everyone had seen the original from last week. But I love the new remix version!
  6. nodle

    Get out of my bed!
  7. nodle

    The word bed looks like a bed

    The word bed looks like a bed, that is all.
  8. nodle

    What time do your normally go to bed?

    What's the average time on a weekday that you goto bed? Mine is between 10-11.
  9. nodle

    A new bed design

    I was thinking they need to make a bed with a hinge in the dead center. And on each side it has its own alarm clock. This is tied to one side of the hinge or the other. When the alarm goes off it drops one side or the other down, and the person rolls off the bed and wakes him up. I need one of...
  10. O-Tron

    The new Toilet Bed thread

    Well here, I'm restarting the poll. I'm kind of disappointed that my long explanation for the bed toilet is gone.