best buy

  1. nodle

    Best Buy experiences

    I must say I always stayed away from Best Buy, but the last couple of online orders I have placed through them have been a great experience. They seem to be even faster than Amazon. How have your experiences been with them?
  2. nodle

    WD 8TB external drive

    Best Buy currently has the WD 8TB usb 3.0 drive on sale for $139.99. Word on the street is if you crack one open they have a WB red nas drive inside. Tempting for the amount of storage that you are getting for the money.
  3. nodle

    Best Buy will no longer sell CD's starting in July

    Who would had ever thought back in the day this would happen? The funny part s they still will carry vinyl. What goes around comes around. End of an era I guess. Source
  4. ndboarder

    Best Buy: Up to $175 off of Xbox One with 360 trade

    If waiting on good deals for an Xbox One, Best Buy is offering up to $175 off the price. That leaves only around $125 to pay for the standard console without Kinect. Reading through the details, any working Xbox 360 can be traded in for a $75 voucher good toward only the purchase of an Xbox...
  5. nodle

    Best Buy Flyer - Sept. 1996

    Awesome! />
  6. nodle

    Child of Eden $10 @ Best Buy

    For those of you that own a kentic, I have heard this is they game to get. />
  7. nodle

    Best Buy's HDMI cables

    Come on people. Just imagine how many fall for this.