1. nodle

    What happened to 'Monster Trucks'?

    So when I was growing up, monster trucks shows were everywhere. From amateur to even the official Bigfoot coming to our town. They were always on a Friday or Saturday night. Either inside at a civic center, fairground, or a stockyard. They were in the evening and you could smell the alcohol in...
  2. nodle

    Bigfoot in North Dakota? Source
  3. nodle

    North Carolina Man Claims He Saw Bigfoot,0,4491132.story
  4. nodle

    Small blurry Bigfoot caught on film

    It is weird, looks like an ape moving. What do you think? Go here and skip to it.
  5. nodle

    Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie

    Watched this last night. Wasn't too bad, I really felt bad for the guys. A good documentary. A 9/10.
  6. Ludacris

    Do you believe in Bigfoot?

    I happen to think that it is very possible that bigfoot could exist. I also think that the patterson footage shot in the 60's (the famous bigfoot clip) is authentic and real. That being said, I stumbled upon this 'bigfoot" footage that I believe is probably fake, but a really good fake- may be...