1. nodle

    Does anyone else enjoy bicycles?

    So I thought I would get myself a bicycle. I thought no big deal, go on Amazon or Walmart and they are pretty cheap. Has anyone looked lately? :oops: The prices are sky high right now. It must be because of the Corona virus or something. They have gone up all at least $100-$150 since last time...
  2. D

    Addicted to bikes outrunning cop vids

    Comment section, "The guy in the Number 3 video is a motha fuckin savage for losing that cop by going through the center divider on the freeway."
  3. ryanator

    Chainless bicycles. Am looking to buy my next bike.

    I'm looking at buying my next bicycle. I'm a big fan of them, and enjoy casual long rides around town. I currently have a 13 year old, Wally world special (as the local bike shop calls them), Mongoose, A40 mountain bike. This thing cost me $170, and it's gotten more use than 10 times it's...
  4. nodle

    Get your bike ready for winter

    I really like this idea. Just use zip-ties.
  5. nodle

    James Bond Bike

  6. nodle

    Bike riding failure

  7. nodle

    Max skate bike

    80's baby!
  8. nodle

    Dalmation on a bike

    Just made my day!
  9. nodle

    A mens bike seat

    This is an idea that me and Corey were just going over. Why don't they make a "mens" bike seat. You know how uncomfortable it is to sit on those thin seats. In fact if you ask me they should spin them around backwards and it would be more comfortable for a man. Or better yet, and a hole in the...
  10. C Pav

    My car died so have to bike it to work.

    So my beater I was given to me by my parents died. The transmission went out so now down to wife's car and my bike. I don't mind riding the bike to work since it's nice out and it's a 2 minute drive. Tina's parents are going to let us use their old Blazer for the time being until we find...
  11. nodle

    LMAOOOOOOO Cop Crashes Confiscated Dirt Bike

    I can't stop laughing  :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. ndboarder

    Hard Drive Bike

    Does your HD do this? LINK
  13. nodle

    Radial Bike

    Now this is cool looking! 8)