bill gates

  1. nodle

    Bill Gates buying up all the farmland to get rid of cattle?

    I have been reading about Bill Gates buying up farmland as fast as possible and now he is the largest owner of farmland. He is really pushing for synthetic beef, and it has to make you wonder if that is the reason he is buying up all this farmland to force people to go that way, when there is no...
  2. nodle

    Bill Gates for President

    I am going to call it right now. I think Bill Gates will run for President sometime in the future. He has been so much in the news lately. I can see it building up to it. Anyone else notice this? Or do you think he would make a good President?
  3. J

    Bill Gates Sends Angry Email to Microsoft

    This is a little but still funny. (Disclaimer this isn?t a new message but one from 2003) Oh boy Bill Gates retirement is drawing near and everyone is writing about their favorite things about him, making jokes, and so forth. Well he Seattle P-I is doing a fine job of reporting about Bill...
  4. nodle

    Good-bye Bill Gates

    Funny little video a co-worker of mine sent me. Right click/save as: LINK
  5. nodle

    Bill Gates computer

    I have always wondered what type of computer Bill Gates uses for his own personal needs. I mean you can afford anything out there, and all the new technology, what would you use? :smt017