1. nodle

    Bill Gates buying up all the farmland to get rid of cattle?

    I have been reading about Bill Gates buying up farmland as fast as possible and now he is the largest owner of farmland. He is really pushing for synthetic beef, and it has to make you wonder if that is the reason he is buying up all this farmland to force people to go that way, when there is no...
  2. nodle

    Bill Gates for President

    I am going to call it right now. I think Bill Gates will run for President sometime in the future. He has been so much in the news lately. I can see it building up to it. Anyone else notice this? Or do you think he would make a good President?
  3. D

    Left eating it's own?

    Bill Maher’s N-Word Draws Outrage
  4. nodle

    Oklahoma signs bill banning the increase of minimum wage

  5. nodle

    Bill C-309, if passed, would make it a crime to protest in a mask

    Man they really don't want people protesting do they? The Police will use this law as an excuse to attack demonstrations. If they want to stop a demonstration for some reason or other, they will just say that there were at least one masked person there...
  6. nodle

    Got a question about your Vorizon bill? Better get a lawyer.
  7. jmanz

    Lowered my DirecTV bill

    So I called Directv last night with a goal of lowering my bill. I told them I talked to Dish Network ( I didn't) and made up a fictional price that they could offer me and said I was going to leave unless they came down. So I got them down from 80/month to 47/month without a new contract. I felt...
  8. nodle

    Bill aims to strip certain Americans of their citizenship

    If the State department has the legal proof needed to revoke citizenship, then it follows that it must also have the legal proof needed to arrest and detain or even (under the new anti-terrorism laws) assassinate. this proposal is...
  9. nodle

    AT&T takes $1 billion charge; blames healthcare bill

    This was expected. Companies will be cutting their health benefits due to the health care bill that was passed. This problem will only accelerate when the actual costs are realized and insurance premiums skyrocket. This is a reaction to just one part of the health care bill. The worst is yet to...
  10. nodle

    Idaho looking to sue congress over Health Care Bill
  11. nodle

    California town to bill $300 per 911
  12. nodle

    Someone explain this to me? Health bill

    Maybe I am just reading this wrong, but does this mean it's mandatory to carry insurance, and if not, you get fined? Whole article here:
  13. nodle

    New bill set to curb internet piracy, among other things.

    Your devices can be checked for anything that infringes on copyright law. Guards can act as JUDGES basically. They can TAKE or DESTROY your devices. No lawyers required for searches. ISP's will be forced to give them personal information without a judge or even evidence. And what really puts...
  14. nodle

    Bill Would Grant President Unprecedented Cyber-security Powers
  15. nodle

    Ron Paul, Bill to Audit the Fed
  16. nodle

    So the bill passed

  17. J

    Anti-Propaganda Bill Proposed

    This is about 30 days old. It is in response to the pro-war analysts that appeared on the network news shows. Funny how it wasn't really reported. "The House passed an amendment to the annual defense bill last week that would outlaw the Defense Department from spreading propaganda to the...
  18. J

    Bill Gates Sends Angry Email to Microsoft

    This is a little but still funny. (Disclaimer this isn?t a new message but one from 2003) Oh boy Bill Gates retirement is drawing near and everyone is writing about their favorite things about him, making jokes, and so forth. Well he Seattle P-I is doing a fine job of reporting about Bill...
  19. nodle

    Bill O'Reill angry
  20. D

    Bill Hicks on the JFK Assassination

    Contains adult language