1. nodle

    Let's think of new Dairy Queen Blizzard flavors

    It seems like Dairy Queen comes out with a new flavor of the month Blizzard all the time, let's think of some new flavors that they haven't created yet that would be good. Ill start us off... The Boston Baked Beans Blizzard This Blizzard consists of ground up Boston Baked Beans in sweet...
  2. nodle

    Blizzard and the new Diablo mobile

    I don't think it went over to well.
  3. jthock

    Heroes of the Storm

    Blizzard's MOBA. Been playing since I was allowed into Closed Beta through my bnet account a few months ago. It was officially released today (6/2/15). New hero today is a "Warrior" tank with lots of CC named Johanna from Diablo lore. They are also doing a few cross-promotional giveaways ...
  4. nodle

    Francis is Upset at Blizzard

  5. nodle

    Blizzard could make alot more money

    I was just thinking about this. Could you imagine Blizzard releasing WoW on every platform, but make them compatible with their servers now? I mean could you imagine all the money they could pull in from the xbox and ps3 alone? I could say almost double what they have now. You could just sit in...
  6. jmanz

    Looks like a blizzard is coming soon

    Nice weather we are having isn't it? Can't wait for tomorrow and a high of -12 degrees  :pinched: