1. D

    What Comes To Mind When

    I use the word Thermate?
  2. nodle

    EMP's, Iran and you

    Crazy stuff. In fact we have all know that EMPs have been around, yes they are real. Most of the books I read all deal with situations where an EMP explodes in the atmosphere above America knocking out all power and basically putting us back in the stone age. Your body won't feel it. But...
  3. jthock

    Sony exec's flight grounded after hackers issue fake bomb threat These guys are also attacking blizzard's It's a busy day for! To help everyone log in, you've been placed in a queue...
  4. nodle

    North Dakota news reporter drops F-bomb
  5. F

    Special-ed kids left during bomb threat was not such a good idea. Who in the right mind would leave kids unattended during a bomb threat. idiots.
  6. nodle

    Mystery of lost US nuclear bomb
  7. nodle

    Kristol: Bush might bomb Iran if he thinks Obama will win

  8. nodle

    Bush Might Bomb Iran If He 'Thinks Obama's Going To Win'

  9. nodle

    F-16 Dropped 1000 Pound Bomb

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  10. nodle

    Did the CIA give the Iran blueprints to build a bomb?

    She had probably done this a dozen times before. Modern digital technology had made clandestine communications with overseas agents seem routine. Back in the cold war, contacting a secret agent in Moscow or Beijing was a dangerous, labour-intensive process that could take days or even weeks. But...
  11. nodle

    Bomb Detector Powered by Bee Tongue

    WTF! :smt108 A company named Inscentinel Ltd. has developed Vapour Detection Instrumentation with the promise of detecting explosives, cancer, drugs and basically anything you'd like to smell. And for this advanced olfactory detection, Inscentinel is deploying the world's most advanced...
  12. nodle

    Guy throws bomb into lake and then surfs the wave

  13. Ludacris

    Ivan - multi-stage hydrogen bomb On October 30, 1961, the most powerful weapon ever constructed by mankind was exploded over the island of Novaya Zemlya in the Arctic Sea. The device was code-named "Ivan," and it was a multi-stage hydrogen bomb which was built in only fifteen weeks by...
  14. nodle

    Chicken powered nuclear bomb

    In 1950s-era Germany, the British forces which had been stationed there after World War 2 were understandably nervous about an invasion from the Soviet Union. The Cold War had begun, the Iron Curtain was in place, and Stalin was making every effort to compromise Germany's capacity for another...
  15. nodle

    Ancient nuclear bomb?

    One of the strangest mysteries of ancient Egypt is that of the great glass sheets that were only discovered in 1932. In December of that year, Patrick Clayton, a surveyor for the Egyptian Geological Survey, was driving among the dunes of the Great Sand Sea near the Saad Plateau in the virtually...