1. nodle

    No Time To Die

    Watched the new Bond film last night. I don't know how to feel about it. It was good, but [spoiler=Don't read if you don't want to spoil the movie]Come on the new 007 a girl? Plus Bond dying, get out of there with that shit!
  2. nodle

    The death of James Bond

    Wow, I mean the last few Bond movies have started to suck real bad, but the latest? I couldn't even finish it, what a boring movie, barely any action. If you saw it in a movie theater you would fall asleep.
  3. nodle

    Your favorite Bond film

    What's your favorite James Bond film? I really like The Living Daylights. The opening action scene was just awesome. I prefer Sean Connery as Bond, but this was good.
  4. nodle

    James Bond was the man

  5. nodle

    Italy Bond Yields Spike, Bankruptcy Looms

    It's gonna be an interesting 2012! or sooner. Italian bond yields have spiked today, as of now we're at about 7.4% and there is no end in sight. A live chart: Solution: ECB prints money, mass asset purchase scheme, brings yields down. The...
  6. nodle

    James Bond's 007 Cars

  7. nodle

    James Bond Bike

  8. nodle

    Bye James Bond it's been fun
  9. C Pav

    Not looking so good while shooting the new Bond movies.'jinxed'+Bond+movie/
  10. nodle

    Who was the best James Bond?

    Sean Connery George Lazenby Roger Moore Timothy Dalton Pierce Brosnan You decide. For me it would have to be Sean Connery