1. nodle

    Best car battery brand

    Ok so I need a new battery for my truck. I currently have an Interstate in it. I only got 5 years out of it. When is all the warranty is good for. Not all that impressed, and I heard that they are suppose to be good. What brand would you recommend or have had good luck with?
  2. nodle

    Best brand of hard drive?

    I would like to see what brand people prefer for their hard drive these days? I have switched brands throughout the years, but lately I have been using the Seagate 'Iron Wolfs' for my NAS. I know the WD reds are suppose to be good as well. For regular computers I always recommend a SSD or .M2...
  3. nodle

    Gunmaker Smith & Wesson to change name

    WTF! Why? Gunmaker Smith & Wesson to change name to American Outdoor Brands Corp. Oh ok, well I guess that's better.
  4. nodle

    Brand new C7 Z06 Crashes

    Guy buys new C7 Z06 from what I read. Wants his friend to film him after he just bought it. To much power and though he had traction control on. From what I read he barely had any miles on it.
  5. D

    Best media brand for dvd and cds

    What media/brand do you prefer for DVD or Cd/R/RW?