1. nodle

    Has the ability to build new things been lost over time?

    I have been wanting to create this thread for about a year now. I have been noticing a pattern. That even with our modern tools, and modern computers, man's ability to create new things seems to be going away. We think we are becoming more modern or advanced, but in reality, we are losing the...
  2. nodle

    "Dark Winter" & "Build Better Back"

    What are these two terms that Joe Biden keeps using and your seeing all of the elites of the world using the same terminology? He just used the same words in his speech again from today. I mean a couple of times is coincidence but these are the phrases he keeps using. Pretty sure they have...
  3. nodle

    Your next PC build. AMD or Intel?

    You know at this moment if I was going to do another PC I think I would go all AMD (never thought I would say that again). It has been years, but I think they are kinda the leader right now including their video cards. It's funny how the cycle goes around and around. What about you?
  4. nodle

    Miniature castle build

    I saw this yesterday and it seems like a fun little project that would be fairly cheap to get into. Basically uses items found at Walmart etc. and you using a silicon mold. %5Bimg%5Dhttps%3A//[/img] The whole creation process Where to buy the molds
  5. nodle

    Barnwood Builders

    Has anyone else see this show? My Dad is currently into watching it. Just watched a couple tonight and it's not bad. Crazy to think there is a market to tear down old building and then re-assemble them.
  6. nodle

    Man receives instructions to build time machine from UFO

  7. nodle

    New computer build time

    Well my birthday is coming up soon and always around this time I think about building a new machine. Do I need it? No, but do I want? Yes. I'm thinking of going Intel this time. I have the case that I want picked out which is a micro atx case. I just love the look of it and have plans for it...
  8. nodle

    Next computer build

    I think the next machine that I will do will be a mini-itx board. You still get your PCI xpress 3.0 x16 for your modern video card, built in wireless etc. Really the only downside would be only 2x memory slots. But smaller form factor is nice with the cases that they offer.
  9. nodle

    Firefox's build in PDF reader

    I must say I love this new feature that they built into the new Firefox, who needs to go get extra software when it's built in? Plus in a way I kinda prefer it over Adobe's.
  10. nodle

    Build a nuclear reactor with duct tape
  11. WayneKerr

    Support the Campaign to Build a Life-Size, Operational AT-AT! The delay for the kickstarter page is that they are trying to make sure they don't get a cease and desist from LucasCo They have a face book page
  12. nodle

    Beta build of Firefox 4 is out

    I love the new look and speed. A few of the addons work, as soon as they do I will switch to it full time. Whats new? Give it a run!
  13. nodle

    China military build-up seems U.S. focused
  14. nodle

    FYI computer builders

    You do not need to use and entire tube of thermal paste on your CPU. So much that it seeps down under the cpu itself and into the socket. Especially thermal paste that is conductive. Great job! :fserna:
  15. jmanz

    Russia to build 6 nuclear subs

    Russia to build 6 nuclear subs with cruise missiles MOSCOW, Russia (CNN) -- Russia will build at least six nuclear-powered submarines with long-range cruise missiles for its navy, a source in the Russian Defense Ministry told the Itar-Tass news agency. The missiles can potentially carry...
  16. nodle

    My WHS build

    Sorry been wanting to put this up just have been busy. Ok i use to be running a Raid 3 setup, but decided that i need more flexibility in the future. Plus i wanted to try out WHS. I already had the case that wasn't being used. Plus the power supply that was laying around. I wanted this to be...
  17. J

    Buy or Build

    If you are setting up a home theater system, what would you rather do and why. i'm trying to make a decision that allows me flexibility while possibly eliminating all the extra monthly fees that cable companies charge. 1. Buy or Rent a DVR and Buy a media extender 2. Build your own home...
  18. nodle

    Build your own air conditioner
  19. nodle

    Did the CIA give the Iran blueprints to build a bomb?

    She had probably done this a dozen times before. Modern digital technology had made clandestine communications with overseas agents seem routine. Back in the cold war, contacting a secret agent in Moscow or Beijing was a dangerous, labour-intensive process that could take days or even weeks. But...
  20. nodle

    Build your own UFO spotter

    K i was thinking about this on the drive in this morning. This is my idea to spot any ufo either in daytime or nighttime. First off you need a tripod. Second you need to build a platform on top. One side will be a vertical plate. The other a horizontal plate. Each will have their own independent...