1. nodle

    L.E.D. light bulbs

    I love L.E.D. light bulbs. They have sure come along way. Costco has some great deal on bulbs to. I got a 10 pack of led bulbs for 10 bucks. No weird fins or anything they look just like a regular bulb. Says last 15,000 hours or 21 years per bulb. I had CCFL bulbs in everything that they old...
  2. nodle

    GE is phasing out CFL bulbs

    Good to hear. They were a good bulb of the time but l.e.d.s are the way to go. Source
  3. nodle

    L.E.D light bulbs, the future is now!

    So We have energy efficient bulbs in the house, you know the swirl kind. Well mine in my lamp in my room burnt out the other night, so I went to purchase another and I over heard a old man in the isle talking about the L.E.D light bulbs. He was talking about how much they save and how many years...