1. D

    Barry Cooper

    So they ended up chasing him out of the country. Now lives in Mexico. He did a few stings on the various agencies. They didn't like that so much. 
  2. nodle

    PR for Microsoft busted on GAF

    Basically this guy makes this post on GAF trying to push that the Xbox isn't so bad. Come to find out it's Microsoft paying someone to spread propaganda on a major gaming site. Hilarity ensues. Link
  3. nodle

    China Ships Busted with Patriot Missiles Labeled as Fireworks

    A German vessel carrying 69 American-made Patriot missiles and 160 tons of explosives was detained en route to China. Nobody has any idea who shipped it, or to whom. While this certainly puts Best Buy's shipping woes into perspective, it's no small slip-up—Patriot missiles are a coveted...
  4. nodle

    Police impersonator busted after pulling over real officer

  5. nodle

    Fox News Busted