1. ryanator

    Sliding door cabinet

    Just completed building a sliding door cabinet.  I used a popular plan available on the internet and customized my dimensions for what I wanted.  30" X 60". It took me one week, but a good amount of hours. Started by getting select grade pine lumber at menards, 1/4" pegboard (unfortunately not...
  2. nodle

    Wooden gun cabinet

    This is more for @ryanator since he is so good with wood. *giggity Anyways talking to some guys downstairs at work here and how they can't seem to find any good gun cabinets made out of wood anymore. Seems everyone has moved onto safes. One guy is having one made by the Amish and is having it...
  3. nodle

    Mini Galaga cabinet

    This is cool! Build here
  4. nodle

    Nice arcade cabinet

  5. nodle

    MAME cabinet out of netbook

    So nice and small.
  6. ryanator

    My MAME cabinet.

    I mostly finished with my MAME cabinet, a vewlix styled one, it's a popular Japanese sit-down arcade machine. It's playable in it's current state, just needs a front frame around the monitor and mount speakers, and the vewlix has a top rounded part framed out, but maybe some day later on that...
  7. WayneKerr

    Arcade cabinet I'll be off tomorrow to work on it. Gotta get a new sawblade. This is just a working prototype. I wanted to tryout the 7 button layout, but I think'll go with something else. Most of the games I played were 3 buttons at the most. That...
  8. nodle

    Arcade cocktail cabinet

    WOW just wow! :LargeGasp: :Thumbs Up:
  9. nodle

    The Chess-Playing Clockwork Cabinet of 1770

    In 1770, a nimble-minded inventor named Wolfgang von Kempelen unveiled an extraordinary machine he had built. It was a life-size mannequin seated behind a cabinet, atop of which sat a chessboard. After exposing the machine's innards to the audience (to prove that no human operator hid inside)...