1. nodle

    Marseille HDMI cables

    Ran across these. Spendy for an HDMI cable, but they seem to actually work on both video and games.
  2. nodle

    Fiber optics cables being cut

    I have been kinda following this for awhile now, but just have never made a post. The first one I read about was months ago right around when the airlines had so called "computer glitches" and the stock market had "computer glitches". I though this was odd. Then I read about 4 more cuts being...
  3. nodle

    Retractable computer cables

    I would like to see a retractable device created that would house an AC, a HDMI, a Vga, a DVI, in something that you can mount on the wall. The other ends would plus in to the monitor and power. One tug and they would retract. I know computer techs and places like a Geek Squad would love them...
  4. nodle

    Nicely organized utility room

  5. nodle

    Neat way to NOT hide your cables
  6. J

    hdmi cables

    i'm a bit curious on using a hdmi cable so i can connect my desktop pc to my tv... only thing is i am not sure if my new computer has a plug in for hdmi cable... i have the usb ports (6 to be exact), but am a bit clueless if basically a hdmi cable should fit into a usb port? (if this makes...
  7. nodle

    Best Buy's HDMI cables

    Come on people. Just imagine how many fall for this.
  8. nodle

    Undersea internet cables

    After hearing the other day about that cable that was "cut" overseas. Found this neat photo.
  9. ndboarder

    Running Cables

    UGH... what a pain in the ass...  So the new place is pretty well not wired worth crap.  Phone lines are about it.  There are cable jacks in most rooms, but... The living room had a wall plate cable jack, took the wall plate off, no cable connected (but the connector was there, just no...