call of duty

  1. ryanator

    Cpav in Call of Duty MW3?

    Can't help but notice the resemblance.
  2. ndboarder

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

    Treyarch and Activision started to take the lid off the next CoD yesterday. This is the first CoD with a 3 year development timeframe. AND it looks like it is the first true "next gen" as they appear to be ditching the 360 and PS3. Xbox One, PS4 and PC only. I sincerely hope that this...
  3. C Pav

    Call of Duty: World at War

    Nodle and I started this last night and it's pretty fun. We tried the co-op campaign but it's not really your standard campaign where you have to play each level and unlock the next level. You can choose what level you want right away. It was still fun. The most fun however was the zombie mode...
  4. C Pav

    Call of Duty 3 (X Box 360)

    I bought this at a discount not too long ago and started playing it. I am probbaly 3/4 done and I like it. If you have played any of the Call of Duty games then you know what you are getting. It's a FPS set in World War 2. You play as several different countries from America, Britain, Poland...
  5. nodle

    Call of duty 4

    This game is looking like it's going to be awesome!
  6. D

    Call of Duty 2

    Is this game worth gettin? I did like the first one pretty well.