1. nodle

    China wargames in Canada and Chinese drone on U.S. soil?

    Sounds like the U.S. put pressure on Canada to stop this, but word on the street is the U.S. shot down a CCP drone and are sorta covering it up. Canadian military's move to cancel exercises with China upset Trudeau: Reports - The Week All of a sudden there was a real suspicious crash in...
  2. nodle

    Canadian sniper breaks record

  3. nodle

    Sony to close all retail stores in Canada

    Sony Corp. will close all 14 of its Sony Stores across Canada as the company continues to struggle to reshape its business. The company made the announcement on Thursday in a memo to the employees of its stores, one of which is located here in Ottawa at the Bayshore Shopping Centre, telling...
  4. nodle

    Obama administration denies plan to invade Canada

  5. D

    Transport Canada

  6. nodle

    Well Canada isn't keeping it hidden... NAFTA Superhighway
  7. D

    Alien Invasion: The Fungus That Came to Canada