1. nodle

    Roof cargo racks

    I am looking at purchasing a cargo rack for our vehicle and was wondering what brand everyone prefers? I am looking at Thule and Yakima. Mostly swaying to Thule. I know they are sold in assorted sizes based off what you want to CU wise. Does anyone have one for their vehicle and if so, what do...
  2. nodle

    Something strange is happening with all the cargo ships lately

    Has anyone been paying attention to our ports lately? There is something strange with them being all backed up. Has anyone else been paying  attention? Some say it’s to hide all the people inflation that is happening. Seattle, Long Beach, the East coast and China are all backed up to max...
  3. nodle

    $12 Billion in cash sent to Iraq on cargo planes disappeared

    Congress, said the missing $6.6 billion may be "the largest theft of funds in national history." More here it will make you sick. http://articles.lati...llions-20110613
  4. nodle

    Secret cargo theory as hunt for missing vessel Arctic Sea goes on

    I wonder if this has ties to this?: