cell phone

  1. C Pav

    Confession, I hate texting and truthfully cell phones. Basically the always connected world.

    All of it just adds to the stress of always needing to communicate and not just relax. First I can't text as always mistyping...ALWAYS! Then auto correct changes to some crazy who knows. Now add on the always back and forth having to either type out a long message that takes forever due to above...
  2. nodle

    Pop Sockets for cell phones

    Does anyone use one of these on their phone? I see quite a few people use them. Just wondering if you like it? https://www.popsockets.com/
  3. nodle

    T-mobile cell service

    Does anyone know anything about T-mobile or have them? I see they have come into our area now, I have always heard decent things about them. Basically for what we are paying for now we could get on T-mobile but get unlimited internet for the same cost, plus free Netflix etc...
  4. nodle

    Cellphone, internet outages reported across U.S.

    Oh look another test @Davidc. Verizon outage map: http://downdetector.com/status/verizon/map/ T-Mobile  outage map: http://downdetector.com/status/t-mobile/map/ Sprint outage map: http://downdetector.com/status/sprint/map AT&T outage map: http://downdetector.com/status/att/map/
  5. nodle

    Missed a call? 'One-ring' cell phone scam

    I had two of these today on my phone from the same place listed. http://www.nbcnews.com/technology/missed-call-one-ring-cell-phone-scam-could-cost-you-2D12044967?ocid=msnhp&pos=2
  6. WayneKerr

    Tell me about your cell phone

    Looking at getting a smart phone. I am interested in knowing the storage capacity of your phone, whether or not you use a (micro)SD card for storage and if you meet/exceed 2GB per month data transfer speeds. Thanks for your input. I am holding out until Thursday at least, when the new Nexus...
  7. nodle

    Don't talk on a cell phone next to a cop

    Disgusting! :mad: http://www.denverpost.com/commented/ci_15772710?source=commented-
  8. ryanator

    Don't drive, talk on cell phone, and wear an eye patch

    So I saw something new today. Some lady was driving here vehicle and came to a stop 6 feet behind the line, oh ya know.. probably because of loss of perception from not just talking on a cell phone, but wearing an eye patch too. Yes, an eye patch like "arrr matey". (though I do understand...
  9. nodle

    What if - (cell phone towers)

    What if there are other future purposes for cell phone towers?  :bandit:
  10. nodle

    Cell phone towers

    Have you ever wondered if there are more to cell phone towers than just for cell phone coverage? Is there really a true reason behind trying to cover as much area as possible? :alien:
  11. WayneKerr

    cell phone text message spam

    Every since I signed up with changed my cell phone number to a local number, I started getting text message spam.  Goat fuckers!!! :smt011 :smt011 :smt011 :smt011
  12. jmanz

    What kind of cell phone do you have?

    So yeah, after seeing Nodle's thread in the tinfoil made me wonder what type of cellphone people have here.  I'm going to be purchasing a new one soon, my old one shit the bed.  Why do I have a feeling Nodle will post pics of a prehistoric cell piece?