1. nodle

    Chicago, a front for organ harvesting?

    So I saw this new story video posted below and it got me to step back and take in the larger picture. Let's talk about Chicago. We ll hear about it on the news, they have like 10 murders per weekend or something.In fact we hear about it so often that we don't even register it anymore. But what...
  2. nodle

    Chicago mix

    Does anyone else love this stuff. I just love the sweetness with the cheese, such a good combination.
  3. nodle

    Lamborghini Crashes in Chicago Suburbs

  4. nodle

    IBM Brings Big Brother to Chicago

    A video surveillance program, similar to the one that has proven to be so "effective" in London, is coming to Chicago with the help of Big Brother Blue, IBM. The cameras, which will reportedly cost less than current city-wide surveillance methods, will also be linked to intelligent software...
  5. O-Tron

    In honor of the Chicago Bears

    I had to bring this one from 85' back. The Super Bowl Shuffle.