1. J

    Chrome users beware: Extension could steal everything you type

    A malicious new Chrome extension has been discovered, and it's a serious security risk. Capable of capturing everything a victim types into an infected Chrome browser, Catch-All is spreading through email phishing attacks. It has only been discovered in Brazil thus far, but it has the potential...
  2. nodle

    Rusty chrome cleanup and polish

    Pretty amazing. All you need is a can of Coke and some aluminum foil.
  3. nodle

    I made the switch to Chrome

    Well I finally did it. I finally made the switch. I have been using Firefox for years now. But Finally they have all the extensions that I need. I tried testing it out and and everything is great! In fact for some reason it actually fixes Outlook problems. So far it is great (and I hate to say...
  4. nodle

    New Chrome logo coming?

  5. nodle

    SRWare Iron Chrome
  6. nodle

    Google Chrome extensions

    I see they are out now. How long till they take over Firefox?
  7. L

    Chrome OS preview

  8. nodle

    Google Chrome

    Better watch out IE and Firefox, there is going to be a new player in town.