1. nodle

    Chained Echoes

    I have been reading about this classic 2D game lately. Seems like it has got quite a bit of love lately. Something @C Pav or @ryanator might want to check out. I think its also available for most platforms as well. A review below...
  2. nodle

    Classic YouTube videos you grew up with

    Let's post some old YouTube videos that you grew up with that will always remain classics. I'll start us off...
  3. nodle

    PlayStation Classic

    So yes two of you have already texted me this morning about it. I just wonder if Sony will make them limited like Nintendo did to create sales?
  4. nodle

    The classic McDonalds

    Does anyone else miss the "old" McDonalds? I mean I use to like all the Styrofoam stuff. I know if was bad for the environment, but it was a perfect holder for your french fires and ketchup. The modern day cardboard stuff is bland.
  5. ryanator

    Falling Down - classic cult movie

    Was just thinking of this movie the other day, it's available on Netflix. This is such a classic, I smile almost the whole way through it, I love how Michael Douglas portrays his character losing it and not letting anything in his way. It's a serious toned movie, yet with the comedic...
  6. nodle

    Classic arcades

    Talking with @C Pav at lunch today about how we miss the classic arcades. Growing up we had a nice arcade in the local mall. You would walk in and the lights would be a little dim and the sounds radiating off the machine were loud and thundering. You could always tell the latest game by the...
  7. nodle

    Classic game cravings

    Lately I have such a craving to play some classic NES games or something. I just love the simplicity and the classic bit music. Does anyone else go through this? I was watching the latest AVGN video and I just miss that game play.
  8. nodle

    FS: 80gig Ipod Black 6thgen classic

    Make me an offer. :joyful:
  9. nodle

    The classic crime

    This cd is decent.
  10. nodle

    New ipod 80gig classic

    So yes i am sure you all know i got a new Ipod  :roll: Anyways, got a chance to use it tonight. The split screen isn't as bad as i though. The cover flow is cool and all but meh. So i am sure you are wondering "how does it sound". Well you know i am coming from the Cowon which is known for...