1. nodle

    The Hillary Clinton conspiracy

    So about a month ago there were all these rumors about Hillary have seizures all the time and Parkinson's disease. The rumors were going around and I didn't think much about them. Then about two days ago the video surfaced with Hillary fainting. But here is where it got weird. The videos were...
  2. nodle

    Clinton campaign and UFOs

  3. O-Tron

    Hilary Clinton, can she win

    So what do you guys think? Can Hillary win? Do the scandals bury her? Will we have our first woman president?
  4. L

    Obama Picks Clinton as VP running mate

    J/K. Who gives a shit.  Talk about building a mountain out of an ant hill.  I guess when we are in a 24/7 news world you have to talk about pointless things. I'm neither an Obama or McCain supporter, but I've coined a new term for my friends who view Obama as the end all of end alls.  Obama...
  5. O-Tron

    Hilary Clinton screwed over Spider-Man's creator Ridiculous
  6. O-Tron

    Hillary Clinton's donors,0,4231217.story?coll=la-home-center Read this story and tell me if any of you think that not enough questions are being asked by these L.A. Times reporters. How does she just get this stuff swept under the rug. This is ridiculous. Its at...