1. nodle

    Clouds to block out the sun

    Man this is pretty wild.
  2. nodle

    Amazon unlimited cloud storage!

    Oh man oh man!!! 60 bucks a year now gets you unlimited cloud drive storage from them. As far as I know, no one comes close...
  3. ryanator

    Remote/Cloud applications for anything possible?

    Is there software or any way to create an online program for any piece of software? I know of technical ways of doing it by hosting it yourself, but is there an online server of sorts a person can use?
  4. ryanator

    Cloud/Virtual gaming console

    Not that this is something of a revolutionary idea as I'm sure it will come in the future, but when do you think you will see high graphic gaming coming over the internet? Obviously the advancement of super high speed internet along with powerful enough central servers to host "consoles" that...
  5. nodle

    Windows 10 to be a full cloud OS

    I could almost believe this. This is interesting none the less.
  6. nodle

    Cloud Atlas

    Interesting, from the producers of the Matrix.
  7. nodle

    Cloud Storage TOS Comparison

    With all the new cloud storage out there, you may want to take a minute or two and ready their TOS when signing up. Looks like the winner is Dropbox. Dropbox By using our Services you provide us with information, files, and folders that you submit to Dropbox (together, “your stuff�). You...
  8. ndboarder

    DropBox cloud software

    Anyone here still using dropbox? If you aren't it's a pretty slick backup and I suggest you sign up (2GB of free storage). Currently if you are using this you can boost your storage by testing their beta and auto importing photos/videos, up to 5GB more free!! I did this myself yesterday. I...
  9. nodle

    Another wierd cloud

  10. nodle

    Weird cloud falls To The ground

    Looks like foam to me. />
  11. D

    mysterious cloud halo
  12. nodle

    Weird cloud over Moscow
  13. nodle

    Black Ray Cloud

    The above image was taken in 1966 by a member of the British Antarctic Survey. One observer described it as: "a pulsing cloud formation firing a black ray into the ice, which bounced off and reflected further away". Conspiracy theorists think that this beam could be a sign of negative energy...