1. nodle

    Windows not activated after bios update

    I had a strange thing happen the other night. I had a bios update from ASUS, and when I got back into windows it said my Windows wasn't activated. I tried all the steps, and even re-entered my key. But still wouldn't activate. Then I found this and thought I would post it here for others that...
  2. nodle

    Target 25% off coupon on toys

    Target is running a 25% off Toys in store or online coupon today. You have to text TOY to 827438. You will get an automated code back. Works on most toys but not all.
  3. nodle

    Cicada 3301

    Wow I really enjoyed this video and watched the entire thing. I found it intriguing. Still don't know what to make of it though. My thought is it is a government agency hiring tactics. Or some sort of secret organization.
  4. D

    American Flag upside down. Veteran takes offense. the Central Banks gutting our country, I'd say the qualifies as dire distress. 
  5. nodle

    Ford Ranger airbag code #27 fix

    So the other day my airbag light came on in my truck. I came home and thanks to the power of the internet I was able to find a how to. The replacement part cost $150. But I was able to take about my lower part pull the circuit board. Re-solder a light and sure enough it's all fixed. Took about...
  6. nodle

    US court rules, Code isn't physical property

    I have been saying this for years! />
  7. nodle

    The Secret Code Hidden In the United States Cyber Command's Seal

    Can you figure it out? This is a closest thing that people may think it is: The code on their website is 9ec4c12949a4f31474f299058ce2b2... Decimal is: 158 196 193 41 73 164 243 20 116 242 153 5 140 226 178 42 Poder Cybernetico Dog Latin for "protect the...
  8. nodle

    HTML 5 future code

    The canvas feature really is awesome.
  9. O-Tron

    Demonoid invitation code?

    Hey, I'm trying to get onto Demonoid, does anyone have an invitation code they can through my way?
  10. nodle

    Secret service code names for Obama

    President-elect  Barack Obama: Renegade Michelle Obama: Renaissance Malia Obama: Radiance
  11. nodle

    Instant Eyedropper "color code"
  12. nodle

    Universal attack code for Intel chips discovered

    "Also, he says he found Intel's diary and is totally telling everybody about that one thing. But seriously, we think Kris Kaspersky is being a bit of a tease here. He claims to have found a flaw in Intel's processors that would allow a hacker to bust up on a computer using JavaScript or TCP/IP...
  13. nodle

    Code names

    So many code names, so little time...
  14. nodle

    Vista cource code leaked!

  15. nodle

    Man wants source code to breathalyzer

  16. nodle

    Show Us the Code

  17. D

    Dvorak: Microsoft Should Dump Vista, Anoint a 'Code Pope'

    Microsoft needs to back up and re-fork its OS development from Windows 2000 Professional or even Windows NT 4.0. Then it needs to find a "pope" who can understand the code base. Let me explain. First, the coders seem to assume that Windows 2000 Professional is the best version of the system...