1. nodle

    Comic subscription services

    Just wondering if anyone uses a comic subscription-based service here. I see the two big ones out there are: I am in the mood to catch up on some series.
  2. nodle


    I didn't know Amazon had this, but just ran across it. Apparently it is an Amazon company as well. You pay a monthly fee $5.99, then can read unlimited comics etc. This shows how it works: I wonder if @O-Tron has used this?
  3. nodle

    R.I.P. Stan Lee

    For some reason I knew it was coming soon. Without him we really wouldn't have comic books these days. I believe they would had faded off. Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee dies at 95
  4. nodle

    Average American Adventures

    I would like to see a comic strip serious about a average American man and his life of going to work and life in general. It wouldn't contain comedy but just the honest look into his daily life and everything he has to put up with. He would always been in a drab grey suit and tie. Have glasses...
  5. WayneKerr

    Fire at Badlands Comics and Games

    Read about the fire on Facebook. It seems that no one was physically hurt. Sad news; my condolences.
  6. O-Tron

    Marvel Comics Outs Longstanding character So I stumbled across this while checking out the news feed on one of the comic sites I frequent this morning. Little disappointed in this turn of events for the following reasons: 1.) Iceman has been around since 1963...
  7. nodle

    Rage Comics - In Real Life

  8. nodle

    Sometimes comics are awesome

    I talked to O-tron since he is a comic guru. He told me that this from the green lantern world it's a cat with a red ring. For rage.
  9. nodle

    Your favorite comic book character

    Mine by far has to be Venom. Post yours.
  10. nodle

    Why do aliens abduct cattle?
  11. nodle

    Corey's life summed up in a comic
  12. nodle

    Ryantor Comics

    Some may remember these. i would really like to see more.
  13. nodle

    A comic for this forum
  14. nodle

    Comics that you find funny

    Perry bible Fellowship: amazing super powers:
  15. ryanator

    Creating a comic strip?

    I'm thinking about creating a comic strip series.  I will have to create my characters, give them personalities and a personal background.  The series will have to focus on a theme, something people can relate to.  I thought of several themes, and one thing I thought was about I.T. and try...
  16. O-Tron

    Old Comics

    I'm looking for old comic books in good condition. Anyone have a collection they want to dump?