1. nodle

    Miyoo Mini - handheld gaming console

    I have never seen this before. Pretty neat. It really brings back all the nostalgia of the Game Boy.
  2. nodle

    Platedate - Handheld console

    Just ran across this little device this morning. It reminds me of the Gameboy. Playdate
  3. nodle

    Steamdeck - Console PC gaming in the palm of your hand

    So what's your take on it? Think it will do good with Steam getting into the handheld gaming market? I do love the button layout on the backside.
  4. nodle

    Battle Royal of 2018 - Who will win the console wars?

    So now that we are coming into the new year, which console do you think will come out on top this year? The Switch is fairly new, the xbox and ps4 have been out for awhile, but each system has an updated console out. Who do you think will become the champion by the end of 2018? My choice right...
  5. nodle

    The Sega Genesis is coming back!

  6. nodle

    Nintendo Switch

    Is your body ready? (looks like a tablet on steroids)
  7. nodle

    Coleco Chameleon Prototype FAKED

    Wow just wow.
  8. jthock

    Favorite Games List

    no particular order tribes 1 splinter cell blacklist alan wake hearthstone portal 1/2 crysis 2 (3 also if they had it available on steam) cs:s need for speed most wanted skyrim costume quest mw1/2/3 batman arkham asylum mega man 9 battlefield bad company 2 the vanishing of ethan...
  9. BR3W3R

    Nintendo Developing New Gaming Console Nintendo is apparently developing a new console since there current one has undersold, hopefully it will be similar in concept to the Wii U, but with an Improved CPU and GPU to compete with Microsoft and Sony. I...
  10. nodle

    Alibaba considering making gaming console

    Rumors say that Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is designing a high-end game console to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 in China, according to market researcher Niko Partners, which follows the Chinese game market closely. Alibaba declined comment. Lisa Cosmas...
  11. nodle

    Hellblade - "first to console on PS4"

  12. nodle

    Amazon's console

    More info.
  13. ryanator

    Cloud/Virtual gaming console

    Not that this is something of a revolutionary idea as I'm sure it will come in the future, but when do you think you will see high graphic gaming coming over the internet? Obviously the advancement of super high speed internet along with powerful enough central servers to host "consoles" that...
  14. WayneKerr

    ~Nostalgia time~ Who won the 7th generation console "war"

    Chime in. Who won round 7 of the console wars?
  15. nodle

    Pick your console

  16. nodle

    Console vs. PC games
  17. C Pav

    PSP - Sony's handheld console

    I am thinking of getting one again. I found it an ok system but not very many games that make it a must have. I mainly want because I am a huge system and game collector.
  18. ndboarder

    Console vs. PC gaming

    Just ran across and read the following article comparing PC to Console gaming. I thought it was a good read and agree with the author as to which is a better choice. For now I'll leave it at that and see what everyone else has to say.
  19. ndboarder

    Top dog next-gen console

    Who is going to be the top dog? The 360, PS3 or Wii? Microsoft obviously got a jump on the competition with the release date. I'm not sure how they'll stand up after the PS3 comes out, but we'll see. I had heard at one point that if they didn't turn a profit with the 360 they would pull out...