1. nodle

    Greenhouse into dry storage shed

    So when we bought our place we had a pretty large sized greenhouse in our back yard which was basically just framed. We haven't touched it besides weeds growing up inside of it. Well we decided to do something about it, or I guess I should say my Dad did. He got it all leveled and squared off...
  2. nodle

    The hip helper - for construction workers

    So I came up with a great idea about a week ago. We are in the process of putting up a privacy fence on one side of our property. As we cut the boards we had to carry them over. My father was walking in the front and I was in the back. I noticed that if I set the lumber on my belt I could just...
  3. nodle

    Metal Construction

  4. nodle

    Construction crews watch for mystery 'black' wire
  5. WayneKerr

    The price of wood (& construction materials)

    There is a guy at work that builds stuff and has watching the price of lumber and said it was down the last few weeks, but it was up over this weekend.  Anyone else noticing trends like that?