1. nodle

    Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

    Well it's back on sale. Black Friday pricing right now. $56.54 at Amazon.
  2. nodle

    The Nintendo Wavebird

    Who remembers this controller? It was a must have the the Gamecube.
  3. WayneKerr

    Lefthand 15 - 25 button controller Nostromo or Logitech

    Has anyone here had experience with these units?
  4. nodle

    Amazon Fire TV Game Edition w/ controller Link
  5. nodle

    X-Arcade controller

    A guy from downstairs just ordered one of these in. I have to admit it was built nicely. Buttons felt good to. For the price I don't think they are a bad deal.
  6. nodle

    Evolution of the Playstation controller

  7. nodle

    SNES Controller

    I use to have this thing.
  8. nodle

    PS3 motion controller?
  9. nodle

    Viva Pinata: Party Animals with Wireless Controller
  10. WayneKerr

    Thinking about second guitar controller for Guitar Hero Is Rock band more or less fun than Guitar Hero? I think I might want this.  I bet you could ham it up with the second set of frets!
  11. WayneKerr

    What game controller do you have connected to your PC?

    What game controller do you have connected to your PC?  I have some in boxes yet, but I found an old playstation to USB adapter.  Down side is, it doesn't work well with XP and seems to need a playstation, not a Playstation 2 controller.  I was hoping to use this adapter with my guitar hero...