1. nodle

    Pizza ovens

    Anyone ever got into pizza ovens? Looks like Ooni is the best. I guess they cook a pizza in 60 seconds.
  2. nodle

    Air Fryers

    Has anyone been around these new Air Fryers? I guess they are suppose to cook foods like french fries etc. but instead of using oils, they just use hot air. Anyone used or have one?
  3. nodle

    Cooking french fries at home
  4. nodle

    Speed cooking

  5. WayneKerr

    Cooking a brisket

    Just put a brisket in the oven.  Don't have a recipe exactly, but when my wife made it, it tasted good. Put Brisket in glass baking dish, surround with stuff.  I wanted more stuff, but didn't get to the grocery store yesterday and frankly don't feel like it today.  The "stuff" includes...
  6. C Pav

    Cooking Mama (DS) What a cool game for the DS. It uses the touch screen and you must follow directions to cook dishes. I have only played it a bit but my wife loves(on the advice from nodle). You basically practice a dish and learn your skills like...
  7. nodle

    Cooking mama

    Anyone else seen this game? Call me :gay: but it looks fun.