1. nodle

    Scientist claims team battled creature under Antarctic ice
  2. nodle

    Mysterious 'Beach Ball' Creature Baffles Ocean Explorers

    Wow looks like a huge eye. The deep ocean freaks me out for all the things yet to be found still. They still don't know what it was. :alien:
  3. nodle

    Mystery Sea Creature Washes Up on Georgia Beach

  4. nodle

    "Crab-Like" creature captured by Mars Curiosity Rover

    Interesting I think. It doesn't fit in with the rest of the scenery. Official image page.
  5. nodle

    Strange creature caught on film during Japan tsunami

    Credit to @Ben Carter
  6. nodle

    Wierd sea creature caught on film

    Strange looking thing.
  7. nodle

    Mystery sea creature found
  8. nodle

    The new Nessie? Mystery 'sea creature' spotted off British coast

    The new Nessie? Mystery 'sea creature' spotted off British coast Read more...
  9. nodle

    Mystery creature
  10. nodle

    Mystery creature bites, claws family's SUV

    Video on page.
  11. nodle

    Flying 'Creature' Photographed at Argentina Airport

    The CEUFO (Center for Studies UFO) of Argentina received an email from a photographer (Fabin Romano) that claimed to have captured a strange being on his camera while taking some shots around the Macachn airport. The image submitted to CEUFO is said to have been taken in midday with a Minolta...
  12. nodle

    Unkown creature found by Russian soldiers

    Please bear with the site, it's slow. Reminds me of something off the Dark Crystal.