credit card

  1. nodle

    Credit card processing fees being passed onto the consumer

    So I have seen this enough lately to warrant creating a post about it, but has anyone noticed businesses starting to pass on the credit card processing fees to the consumer? I went to pay a bill the other day and the guy said there is a 3% processing fee for using your card. How is this my...
  2. D

    The average American has a credit card balance of $6,375

    When it comes to the dangers of high-interest credit card debt, Americans are savvier than ever. That hasn't stopped them from putting more on plastic than ever before. The average American has a credit card balance of $6,375, up nearly 3 percent from last year, according to Experian's annual...
  3. ryanator

    Credit card fraudulent activity.

    I had a bunch of credit card fraudulent charges in the last month, with total charges of around $1000. A month ago, I had a $360 charge at the Texas A&M bookstore in Corpus Christi that was on my old card which was replaced a few months prior. That was weird as I never used my old card for...
  4. nodle

    The end of the swipe-and-sign credit card

    The RFID blocking wallet keeps looking better and better.
  5. nodle

    Best credit card company?

    So my wife has been talking about getting a credit card for protection instead of using our debit cards. I think they are better about fraudulent charges. So what would you recommend for a brand of card? Maybe Amazon's? Anyone wanna recommend one with some good bonus? Just kinda wanna see what...
  6. nodle

    Credit card knife

    Pretty cool. I bet the TSA will love these. More photos
  7. nodle

    Hidden credit card fees on the way

    Great just great! Doesn't seem to many companies will do it yet. But just wait. If they can make another buck off of you they will.
  8. nodle

    Some neat Credit Card technology!